Travelex, North Area 1F
Travelex, the world’s leading foreign currency exchanger, is now open in the East Court on the first floor of the North Area. The new location is in cooperation with LA TOURS,INC.
Travelex offers a wide range of exchange services, including foreign currency exchange in 32 currencies, money transfers, traveler’s checks, and international pre-paid phone cards, etc..
Using Travelex services is convenient; it is open the same hours as Lalaport. Drop by during a shopping trip, or on your way home from school or work and handle all of your overseas travel preparations in one place. Please visit the Travelex Lalaport TOKYO BAY shop.
105 stores were opened in the SOUTH area on May 22 (Thursday) 2008
Features of New Stores in the SOUTH Area
1.   Complex of International Fashion and Miscellaneous Stores (1F)
A variety of brands, mostly international, are offered here to meet more sophisticated needs. The overall image conveyed is a street where grown men and women can enjoy shopping for high quality items. ZARA, a highly popular clothing store, has a 1,000m2 store.
2.   Domestic Trendy and Urban Fashion Stores Complex (2F)
Integration of a number of stores, including trendy specialty shops that have branches in urban fashion buildings, and those stores that offer distinctive and individual fashion styles.
3.   Relocation or Refurbishment of Existing Stores
Some stores, already very popular among customers at LaLaport TOKYO-BAY, have been relocated or refurbished.
1F | 2F | 3F
LaLaport TOKYO-BAY was opened in April 1981 as the “LaLaport Funabashi Shopping Center”. This large shopping mall, housing 200 specialty shops, as well as cultural facilities, sports facilities, and other conveniences, was one of a kind at that time in Japan. It was praised for its early response to a motorized society by offering a parking lot for 4,000 cars.
In 1988, “LaLaport 2” was opened and hosted a variety of interesting features, including a cinema complex and other amenities. The name, LaLaport Funabashi Shopping Center, was then changed to “LaLaport TOKYO-BAY” and additional entertainment was included. Further developments included “Harbor Grill”, with a combination of food culture and entertainment, as well as a renovated “LaLaport 2”.
In 2000, “LaLaport 3” was established to present a model of advanced urban lifestyle, with “LaLaport WEST” opening at the former Funabashi Sogo department store building in 2001. With this new development, involving a large-scale specialized store, LaLaport was able to supplement various functions which had been difficult to realize in shopping malls. In 2005, Japan’s first bakery food theme park, “Tokyo Bakery Street”, was opened in “LaLaport EAST”.
LaLaport TOKYO-BAY is home to 540 stores, with 8,200 parking spaces. Committed to further development, it aims to be one of the largest shopping centers in Japan, adapting to ever-changing trends and needs and providing new experiences for its customers.
LaLaport TOKYO-BAY History of Extensions and Renewals Top
1.   LaLaport 1 opened in 1981
Opened with Daiei and Sogo at the core, and one shopping mall.
2.   Floor extension to LaLaport 2 in 1988
Introduction of a cinema complex, prior to the establishments of other facilities, in order to emphasize the entertainment function.
3.   Harbor Grill opened in 1998
Upgraded and expanded restaurant areas. (Refurbishment of aged restaurant building)
4.   Renewal of LaLaport 2 in 1999
Store layout changed in response to a shift in consumer needs. New stores introduced, such as “Shibuya 109” fashion brand and casual clothing stores.
5.   Floor extension to LaLaport 3 in 2000
Further strengthening of shopping entertainment functions and environmental amenities, mainly targeting second-generation baby boomers and “Heisei new families”.
6.   Renewal of LaLaport WEST in 2001
Renovations made to the land and buildings acquired from the former Funabashi Sogo department store.
7.   Renewal of LaLaport 1 in March 2003
Focus on weekday shopping, including reorganization of the kids’ zone, in order to meet more diversified and sophisticated consumer needs.
8.   Renewal of LaLaport WEST from March to September 2004
Major renovation with the addition of large-scale specialized stores for interior goods, pets and home electronics.
9.   Renewal of LaLaport EAST from November 2004 to February 2005
Introduction of a food theme park (Tokyo Bakery Street), on the renovated premises of the former Daiei building.
10.   May 2006
Established CANDY DRIVE, consisting of specialized stores for apparel, miscellaneous goods, food outlets, etc., on the partly renovated premises of LaLaport 1.
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